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What is Agarwood and Oud Oil?

Agarwood is the resinous heartwood that comes from the Aquilaria tree. The Aquilaria tree is a fast-growing subtropical forest tree that is endemic in the Philippines.

When Agarwood is distilled into an oil, it produces one of the most valuable raw commodities in the world – Agarwood tree oil also known as “OUD OIL”. Oud Oil is the key ingredient in some of the most expensive fragrances in the world. Top name brands like Versace, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss to name a few, all have premium fragrance lines that feature Oud Oil. Due to its high demand and limited supply, high grade Oud Oil has sold for over USD 50,000 per kilogram.

The current global market for “Oud Oil” and other related Agarwood products is over USD 12 Billion Annually and is growing rapidly. The global fragrance industry is by far the major buyer of Oud Oil and global agarwood and oud oil sales are expected to exceed US$ 36 billion by 2030.