Tree Registration

To legally harvest (cutting-off) your Aquilaria trees, you have to register your plantation and secure a Private Tree Plantation Registration (PTPR) as per DAO 2020-18. This is also the document to legally transport the harvested timber products from your plantation. Issued to the one named in the land Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT).

After 10 years (or earlier) when there is a substantial amount of agarwood developed on the trees, you are ready to harvest. And the method of harvesting is by cutting off the trees completely.


  1. Letter of Application/Intent addressed to Community Environment & Natural Resources Office (CENRO).
  2. Authenticated copy of ownership to the Land Original Land Title, Transfer Certificate of Title, Certificate of Land Ownership Award or Tax Declaration of Untitled Alienable and Disposable (A&D) Lands. (Named on the title has full control of the harvest.)
  3. Documents supporting legal acquisition of wildlife from a nursery with DENR Wildlife Culture Permit. This could be from Putz Agarwood Farm Corporation or from your Regional Cooperative Nursery).
  4. Certification from the Barangay Captain. (No Cutting objection)
  5. Certification from the Mayor. (No Cutting objection)
  6. Individual geotagged photos of grown Aquilaria malaccensis trees.
  7. Business Permits
  8. The fee is less than p500.00 for the issuance of each certificate issued.