The Leaves

Agarwood leaf tea is meant to be drank on a daily basis in order to obtain and maintain long lasting health benefits. The tea is a detoxifier that is a natural and safe way to flush and eliminate harmful toxins from your body. Whether you drink the tea hot or cold, you will receive the same health benefits. Agarwood removes mercury from your system, which reduces the risk of mercury related neurological disorders and works to prevent the aging of your skin.

Aquilaria leaf tea is a tea with high quality and enriched with nutrient values. Formulated with best quality aquilaria leaves. Aquilaria leaves are 100% from aquilaria malaccensis tree planted in our very own plantation. The finest leaves are hygienically and thoroughly handpicked, processed and produced with best hands. This best quality tea will awaken your senses while providing you with various health benefits. 

Aquilaria leaf tea herbal is preservative free. Regain your inner self balance, awaken your spirit and revitalize your body as this aromatic tea offers you rich organic with a fresh, soothe and unforgettable taste.