Agarwood, Investment with high return

Have you considered investing in Agarwood Plantation? Probably not yet, but let me tell you, you should be!

Get rid of taxes for idle lands. Convert your (make sure to be under your name) idle lands into Aquilaria Plantation to avoid additional real property tax on idle lands. (a) There is hereby imposed an additional real property tax on idle lands at the rate of FIVE PER CENT PER ANNUM based on the assessed value of the property as determined by the Provincial or City Assessor of the Province or City where the property is located, or by the Municipal Assessor in the case of idle lands as per Presidential Decree 1446.

Agarwood chips form the base ingredient of the multi-billion dollar incense industry, as well as many other varied and growing commercial uses. Agarwood Chips, a by-product of agarwood, are burned to produce a pleasant aroma. Its use ranges from a general perfume to an element of important religious occasions. Irregular chunks of agarwood, usually a few centimetres long and weighing 10-200g, may be cut or broken into smaller pieces and then burned, usually in a specially made incense burner.

Agarwood (oud) oil, another key by-product of agarwood, is an extremely valuable commodity that has been prized throughout history, and is now one of the most important ingredients in the fragrance industry, with one out of eight major fragrances containing Oud. The market for fragrances continues to grow at an accelerating pace, with more than 1,200 luxury fragrances launched each year. Oud-based fragrances, with their intense smoky woodiness, are becoming a mainstay in modern perfumery, with many global high-end fragrances using Oud as a base note ingredient.

Correct and Certified species only for your plantation.

Artificial Inducement of agarwood from your nursery.

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Return on investment is our major concern.