Bari Small Size Plantation Package


100-Seedlings of small size Certified Aquilaria malaccensis (Bari) species for Agarwood production. 4-6 inches tall growing in a 5 x 3 (diam.) seedling bags.
Includes full assistance in growing and up to harvest like:
  • Agarwood Tree Monitoring App profile set-up as required by the DENR in registration.
  • Plantation Management Assistance in transplant, applying fertilizers right in your farm.
  • Inoculation Technology developed by UPLB and approved by the DENR.
  • Distillation Technology developed by DOST-FPRDI.
  • Oud Export trade and marketing from Supply Chain Management professionals
  • Agarwood Leaf Tea Production Technology developed by the DOST-FPRDI.
Available for delivery Nationwide via AP CARGO including the crating and trucking upon confirmation of full payment in advance. This is a Port to Port service. Plastic Crate size is width 12 x length 16 x height 11 inches and Gross weight is 8kgs including plants.

Certified Aquilaria malaccensis which is the main source of agarwood, is an ENDANGERED species and under the strict monitoring of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). If you are considering planting the species for eventual harvest as your INVESTMENT, you need to register your trees after a year to legally harvest eventually with the requirements on this link..


Agarwood, Investment with high return!
when we talked about investment, laging kasunod nyan ay magkano ang return? yong monetary value baga ng investment.
sa agarwood, aside from yong commercial value na huge ang return, may mas malaking return ito sa ating environment.
kumbaga, hindi lang yong bulsa mo ang matugunan nito bagkus higit ang environment. paano?
Help protect the mother earth. Only 7% of wild Aquilaria trees produce Agarwood. This has caused and still is causing the unnecessary cutting down of wild Aquilaria trees in our Philippine forests as it is necessary to cut down the tree in order to see whether it is infected and produced Agarwood.
The cutting down of trees causes billions of tons of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) to be released into the air. About 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are a result of deforestation. An improvement essential to the sustainability of the environment is the planting of native trees particularly Aquilaria, both to relieve the global shortage of trees for lumber, pulpwood and firewood, and as important sources of energy and income for the developing world.
Planting will help to reduce the effects of global warming. Your investment will of course, directly cause the plantation of new trees!

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Dimensions 70 × 70 × 91 cm