Wildlife Culture Permit

If you are interested on commercial propagation of Aquilaria malaccensis for your plantation investment, your planting materials (seedlings) should only be coming from a nursery with Wildlife Culture Permit issued by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Regional Wildlife Management Committee to make it legal.

Only propagated Aquilaria malaccensis is allowed for local trade and export confirming the requirements of CITES.

Local Transport Permit must be accompanied the plants in transporting from one place to another with proper labelling or tagging system for monitoring purposes.

SECTION 17. Commercial Breeding or Propagation of Wildlife Resources. — Breeding or propagation
of wildlife for commercial purposes shall be allowed by the Secretary or the authorized representative
pursuant to Section 6 through the issuance of wildlife farm/culture permit: Provided, That only
progenies of wildlife raised, as well as unproductive parent stock shall be utilized for trade: Provided,
further, That commercial breeding operations for wildlife, whenever appropriate, shall be subject to an
environmental impact study.

Republic Act 9147 – Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act

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