Native Indigenous

Native indigenous species are trees native to a country but also to others countries within a climatic zone.

Below are the listing of four (4) native indigenous species to the Philippines as per DENR circular DAO 2017-11 namely;

According to Oldfield et al. (1998), A. malaccensis is found in 10 countries:

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Although, CITES confirmed no sightings of A. malaccensis in Iran later on.

Bari is under endangered category while the other 3 species are under vulnerable category.

In biogeography, a native species is indigenous to a given region or ecosystem if its presence in that region is the result of only local natural evolution though often popularised as “with no human intervention” The term is equivalent to the concept of indigenous or autochthonous species.