Exotic Species

The rest of the species circulating in the Philippines that are not found on the list of DENR are exotic species and are prohibited from commercial distribution to wit:

  • Aquilaria crassna from Vietnam
  • Aquilaria microcarpa from Malaysia
  • Aquilaria sinensis from China
  • Aquilaria sub-integra from Thailand

SECTION 13. Introduction of Exotic Wildlife. — No exotic species shall be introduced into the country, unless a clearance from the Secretary or the authorized representative is first obtained. In no case shall exotic species be introduced into protected areas covered by Republic Act No. 7586 and to critical habitats under Section 25 hereof.

RA 9147 The Wildlife Resources Conservation and Preservation Act

Exotic species, often referred to as alien, nonnative, nonindigenous, or introduced species, are those that occur in areas outside of their natural geographic range. Vagrant species are those that appear from time to time beyond their normal range and are often confused with exotic species.