Reduces the level of uric acid, relieving Gout symptoms:

Aquilaria leaves also contain Mangiferin.Li et al.(2020) found that Mangiferin could reduce the level of uric acid in rats with experimental gout. The reduction in uric acid levels was associated with a decrease in the expression of xanthine oxidase, an enzyme involved in the production of uric acid. The authors suggest that mangiferin may ala et al. (2015) also found that mangiferin was able to reduce uric acid levels in rats with experimental gout.According to Mohamed 2016, Agarwood has an antidiabetic effect.In a type of diabetic mouse called KK-Ay, tests revealed that mangiferin and its glucoside form can help reduce blood sugar levels. This was also observed in other rat models, where it was found in their urine, blood, and feces after it was given orally.When given to rats with diabetes induced by a drug called streptozotocin, mangiferin was found to not only lower their blood sugar levels significantly but also improve various other health indicators. It reduced the levels of urea, uric acid, and creatinine, substances which can indicate issues with kidney function. Additionally, it improved the counts and functionality of red and white blood cells and decreased toxicological parameters including levels of enzymes like AST, ALT, and ALP.Mangiferin was also seen to increase insulin levels in the blood and enhance the activities of antioxidant enzymes, reducing glucose toxicity in the blood. This compound also played a role in reducing kidney damage by suppressing excessive production of a protein called osteopontin.In mice with obesity caused by a high-fat diet, mangiferin was effective in reducing high blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, and high lipid levels. It was also seen to increase the levels of proteins that are important for energy production and oxidation in cells, while simultaneously decreasing the levels of proteins involved in fat production.