Bari Leaf Tea

Scientific studies show that the regular use of Bari Tea gives us the qualities of eight valuable health benefits.

1. Improve insomnia

2. Improve and enhance memory

3. Stimulates the digestive system

4. Strengthen the immune system and metabolism

5. Helps reduce constipation

6. Helps reduce blood sugar

7. Maintain health, prevent cardiovascular disease

8. Anti-aging, make skin beautifully

These benefits come from the fact that the rare natural active ingredients are concentrated in the tea leaves, thus helping to improve:

Constipation: Constipation often causes colonic and increased risk when people are getting older. Bari Tea is rich in EEA (*) and Genkwanin are laxative and digestive aids that are extracted naturally, safe for health,

Insomnia: Terpenoids, with function of sedation and anxiety relief, help you relax your mind and body, relieve stress and bring a peaceful sleep.

Cardiovascular diseases: high cholesterol, high blood pressure are common diseases today. Polyphenols found in tea leaves help to reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol in the body and maintain cardiovascular health.

Early skin aging: Antioxidant compounds including Genkwanin and Mangiferin in tea leaves help to detoxify the body effectively. Vitamin E and A together with minerals simultaneously help to improve and prevent the aging process.