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We offer a Agarwood leaf tea that is harvested to your specific order. The leaves are selected, washed, hand chopped, dried in a dehumidifier, and, finally, lightly toasted for a couple of minutes. A pinch or two placed into a teapot and steeped in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes is all that is required. The result is a refreshing mild flavoured tea with a light chardonnay colour.

Ways to Drink Agarwood Tea Leaves:
You can receive the same health benefits from drinking the tea either hot or cold. Either, steep the leaves in boiling water, or strain and refrigerate to drink it cold.
Top 8 Reasons to Drink Agarwood Tea Leaves:
1) It is a natural detoxifier
2) It is a natural way to remove harmful toxins from your body (such as mercury)
3) It is a natural diuretic to get your digestive system on “track”
4) It promotes healthy clear skin
5) It stabilizes blood sugar
6) It helps blood flow
7) It is caffeine and sugar free
8) It promotes a healthy body weight (yes it helps people LOSE weight)

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Agarwood Tea is high in polyphenols. Polyphenols are naturally occurring antioxidants that help to boost the metabolism and help burn fat. Polyphenols also lower cholesterol absorption, and, flush the system and remove excess fats. Antioxidants are well known for their capability to combat free radicals, thus, reducing inflammation and general aches and pains.
A University of Tokushima School of Medicine study found that people who regularly drank herbal teas high in polyphenols, such as Agarwood Tea, more than doubled the calorie-burn off when compared to those who consumed the same amount of regular green tea. The fat-burning qualities are only a small part of the benefits of drinking Agarwood Tea.
Agarwood Tea the aids body to adsorb carbohydrates. A carbohydrate ‘rush’ causes blood sugar to spike and the resultant pancreatic insulin release will lower blood sugar levels and create the craving for more carbs. Drink Agarwood Tea to break this cycle. Replace your regular drinks with Agarwood Tea, feel better and watch the weight start to disappear. Drink Agarwood Tea 20 minutes before eating. Boost your metabolic rate by drinking Agarwood Tea between meals. You naturally burn more calorie and consume less. Combine with a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and also get regular exercise, you will not only look better, but feel better.
A cup of Agarwood Tea at bedtime will assist a good nights sleep and a regular bowel movement the next morning. High levels of genkwanin glycosides in Agarwood Tea assist digestive function. A regular bowel that expels toxins and detrimental micro organisms allows the body to absorb vitamins more effectively. Mercury, a toxin believed to accelerate the aging process, is removed from the body as part of this process.

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